It's the second time I'm working with big lighting gear. I know I have the capability for it because I've used it for a shoot with Chelsia once. But that time, we had more creative space. This time, it was done in a big group for a big project. The Wizard of OZ is coming to town and we are proud to be part of the sponsors for this play. Creative wise, it didn't leave much space for exploration but it taught me a lot on how to deal with people and understanding other's requirements. Sometimes, photography is not about getting the shots you want. It's about getting the shots your client wants but with your own vision and technique.

I'm glad to be working with a couple of people I'm familiar with. Mainly, the producers of the play PAN Productions and the main cast. I've worked with Steph, Zalina, Nell, Peter, Zakri, Suhaili & Janet to name a few. It feels easier to work with people you know. I guess now I know why some photographers choose the same model for a lot of work they're doing. It's because these people know your style and you know you can work well with them.

Anyway, here's a preview of things to come. I can't reveal much but maybe after their play, I'll put up a full step by step process that transpired during the photoshoot which resulted in cramped legs and a sore finger. The shoot lasted from 8AM till 6PM. I was dead by 10PM.

Special kudos to the team from MAC Cosmetics for the makeup and Rickyy Wong for the costumes. They're such a spectacular bunch. 

February 16, 2012



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