Janet Lee the songstress | The Spacemen Studio

As she smiles, a hum was heard. she was born to do this and knowing her has been a blessing as I venture deeper into the creative world. She was Chelsia's housemate and they've been sibling ah-lians ever since. I didn't know the first time I heard her sing but I do know the voices from her soul.

As people struggle harder to make it in this area, I find myself in a creative block. The times where I eagerly await picking up the camera and capturing great shots day after day after day somehow seems distant. I try to look at more pictures, generate more ideas but I realize these pictures are nothing if I don't pick up my camera and explore. I live in KL now and the thought of going out by myself and venturing into unknown territories to capture images seem a bit more dangerous.

Anyway, enough about this let's take a look at some of the images that day. Art direction by Nell Ng, makeup by Geraldine, assisted by Tay Sze Ming.

June 17, 2013



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