Abbas & Juriah. Pre-Wedding Portraiture | Putrajaya

OK, I'm not really lazy, I did send out all the artworks and albums and even posters but I just forgot to post this up. I was maybe busy or tired and things were really hectic. I think.

I shot them at Putrajaya in April 2013 and I'm guilty of only posting it up now.

The Mosque in Putrajaya was a real beauty. As soon as I step in, I'm amazed at how beautiful everything is. I wish all akad nikahs, pre-weddings and weddings were done here. *hint hint*

October 18, 2014


  1. Just fabulous Abbas & Juriah’s Pre-Wedding Portraiture! Keep sharing such interesting couple photos with us. I am also a newbie photographer and got the chance to cover my cousin’s engagement day. Their engagement photo shoot held at the most popular beachside venue New York.


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