Prakasha + Jeyanthi | Royal Kedah Golf Club

Jeyanthi was recommended to me by Murali, her brother. Murali has been a good and kind friend of mine. When Murali called me to shoot his sister's wedding, I jumped at it and without a doubt would do it for him.

I later found out Jeyanthi is a surgeon and she's leaving to Ireland soon. Thus it pains my heart not being able to show them their album and look at the reaction on their faces. However, I hope they will be able to look at their album when they're back and remember their wedding the way it was. 

Their wedding happened in Alor Setar and was one with heart and I can see how everyone who came loved her family to bits. After their wedding in Alor Setar, we headed to the Temple of Fine Arts in Brickfields before another prayer at Prakasha's house in Puchong. Finally, we headed over to Sunway to catch some more shots and ended the day with the compulsory RING shot. 

Here's to happily ever after Prakasha & Jeyanthi. :) 

April 16, 2015



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