Shanil + Melissa | Tandoor Grill

When my partner called me up to photograph Shanil & Melissa, I was very excited. Even more when he said he'll help me with the Church ceremony. We started out early. Vinoth covered Melissa's side and me with Shanil's side.

It was such a great time in KL but the whole thing took off in Ipoh. I didn't know there's such a beautiful Indian restaurant in Ipoh. The whole affair was full of love and seeing Shanil and Melissa interact between each other and with their family was heartwarming. The highlight of the celebration must be the first dance between father and daughter. It is a whole different dynamic when you see a dance between father and daughter compared to husband and wife. Much more nostalgic, much more emotional.

Did I mention there was a flash mob dance at the end? Such a great wedding!

February 4, 2016



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