I didn't expect much in Okinawa. Travel sites didn't list many places worth visiting except for Churaumi Aquarium. The travel sites are partially right because although not many places are worth visiting here, the sight and sceneries are beautiful. There's not much to do in this small island except maybe diving or snorkelling but there are many hidden places and picturesque locations along this small island. 

One notable place for all souvenir shopping is definitely Kokusai Street. Located in Naha, their main city. If you want to buy anything, just venture into the smaller lanes along the main road. You can't go wrong here. If they don't sell it here, they most probably don't sell it anywhere else in Okinawa. 

We visited Shurijo Castle, Naminoue Shrine, Yaese Park, Cafe Curacuma, Mihama American Village, Ryuku Mura, Cape Manzamo, Maeda and Zanpa. We also drove on Kouri Bridge and visited the Nakijin Castle Remains. 

April 13, 2017



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