Bella, butterflies and waterfalls.

Bella, some of you might've noticed her during one of my Project52 weeks. She's the girl with the most beautiful smile. When I thought of doing another project with Edemin and Zaim, I immediately texted her. There was another girl I was thinking of but she couldn't make it, so I'll leave that for another day.

Anyway, I planned this shoot for a couple of days so that I can share the thoughts and experiences I've learnt while shooting thus far with Edemin. He is an aspiring photographer from Philippines who shoots mostly macro images. He is interested to learn portraiture as well. I told him last Christmas we'll arrange something. It took me half a year before we finally sat down with a sharing session.

I met Zaim during one of my works. He is a prudent cyclist and has travelled numerous places with his bike. I envy that in him, the passion. Photography is a way for him to move forward and I see great potential in him and his intensive desire to continuously learn. He drove all the way down from Taiping and spent a night in my pad for this shoot. 

In this shoot, I was also lucky to have a Sharon Lai as our hairstylist. She is meticulous and without a doubt she was there with us every step of the way. I love her to bits although we tend to cackle and gag a lot with our stupid jokes. 

Our first idea was to mix butterflies and makeup combining both elements to make an image but the butterflies in the farm were far less cooperative. Thus I decided to do a simple portraiture of Bella at the venue. The earthly tones were the reason I made this set look a bit old skool.

Our second venue was a bit more cooperative, we went to the waterfalls and brought sedated butterflies for use. We had a lot of laughs and I definitely learnt a lot from the model in terms of posing as well as I posed some of my more hard conceptualizations.

The first image above is a photomerge of three images. I decided against the use of wide lens because of distortion. thus I captured three images from left to right from a handheld axis. Then I combined them in post process and edited till I got a perfect combination as above. 

Anyway, let's take a look at some of the images that came.

Model : Isabella Nabila
Hairstylist : Sharon Lai
Assisting : Zaim Rosli & Edemin Ramirez
Photographer : Jimmy Ang

Special thanks to : Ed Rcp (venue), Reina (makeup), Sarah Lim & Lisa Nunes (accessories).

April 25, 2012



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