ROCKing the stage with the ensemble.

31st March 2012.

Saturday started with a whole different energy in PWMF. It kicked off with the Penang Dhol Blasters performing their upbeat tempo drums. It got the crowd's attention. Then the Kalja Riddim Klan from Vanuatu performed their beats. Needless to say, it was a mix of beats and reggae. I was dancing to it and clicking away at my camera. 31st March was the Earth Hour and during PWMF, they lived up to its mission to save the world. I was amazed at the amount and level of detail that went into the planning of this event. I will talk about it during the last post of this event so let's leave it at that. Kudos to the event management team.

During the lighting of candles, Tori Ensemble from Korea mesmerized us with their slow but energetic  performance. It was a great infusion of sight and sound. The atmosphere was truly a sight. After Tori Ensemble, Geng Wak Long from Kelantan performed their Wayang Kulit traditional music. Wak Long cracked jokes and Geng Wak Long serenaded. It wasn't before long that the crowd wanted something more upbeat.

Then the place exploded when Altan Urag came on stage with their Mongolian techno beat fusion. It was a very complicated fusion of music. I can't even begin to describe it. But I can see the crowd enjoying it. Finally the Guinee Percussions from Africa jumped on stage. Yes, literally and gave us the beating of a lifetime. Drum beats that is. It was enlightening to experience the diverse cultures of Africa being brought together in the beats of Guinee Percussions and they were really spectacular.

The after party from the dynamic DJ Duo, The FIX came on after that and the crowd went crazy partying. It took the crowd five minutes before they went wild because Guinee Percussions came on stage to join The FIX. I had to lug myself back at midnight because my legs were wobbly from all that partying.

*on a side note, I'm truly sorry about the double L on Penang DHOL Blasters in the images below.*

Here's a short and mini compilation of the sounds that went on during the event. Can you recognize the groups?

April 2, 2012



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