Last year, I had the opportunity to work with a trio of awesome people. Mainly Peter Ong, Alizakri Zakri and Nell Ng. Together, they make up the production team for PAN Productions. PAN Productions first musical theatre or stage debut was the ever so fairy-like ‘Always In Wonderland’.

The musical comedy stars Atilia, Chelsia Ng, Rina Omar, Elvira Arul, Alizakri Alias, Peter Ong, Tria Aziz, Janet Lee, Zalina Lee, Sabrina Hassan, Kenneth Menon, Arephyzz, Harick Ng, Alexander Amado Johnson, Amber Wong Wen Yee, Ann Tan, Darius Lim Chee Wei, Marcus Lim, Chan Pui Yi and Callista Chuah. After completing ‘Always In Wonderland’, the team is back again with another project.

This time, they’re taking on the task of recreating the legendary CABARET which made Liza Minnelli a household name.

Here are some shots which I took for their theatrical poster and also some exclusive never seen before shots from the play itself. Except for the B&W shots, all other lighting are provided by the stage. For that, I must say the Canon 5DMK2 truly shines in high ISO.

The final poster image after edited by Kevin Bathman. The compilation of faces and black and white was used to composite this image together.

Here is a more elaborate composite of each individual character. The musical boasts a few prominent names from Stephanie Van Driesen, Peter Davis, Peter Ong, Bernie Chan, Aaron Khaled, Judimar Hernandez, Hunny Madu, Alizakri Alias, Sabrina Hassan, Trudy Ganendra, Davina Goh, Sarah Low, Suhaili Micheline, Alfred Choo to Paul Wong.

Here is Paul Wong in a monkey suit reflecting the female Jewish counterpart as seen by the community during the Nazi ruling.

Fraulein Kost (Bernie Chan) depicts a more sexually free lady here trying to seduce Clifford Bradshaw (Peter Davis)

Sally Bowles (Stephanie Van Driesen) belts out a tune. Her voice is divine and to die for. Here, she is yearning for the fame and romance of a star-studded life. Although she meets a fine young guy, she will never be satisfied without the dramas of a diva.

A love most foul & tragic between a Jewish, Herr Schultz (Alizakri Alias) and a non-Jewish, Fraulein Schneider (Zalina Lee) couple during WWII set in Germany.

We will be working with PAN Productions again. This time for their third debut entitled 'The Yellow Brick Road'. Watch out for it soon. For now, enjoy the short below by the talented and young Joshua Chay.

January 14, 2012



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