Gift Of Life is a Green Ribbon Campaign I'm currently doing and I'm still processing. I want to do a compilation of faces with the Green Ribbon for a book I'm working on which all funds will proceed to the Organ Donation fund. The Green Ribbon represents Organ Donation.

As a person, I feel that there are many misconceptions and not much understanding about organ donation. You have to understand that organ donation is a very fragile subject when it is brought up to the kin's family. At a time when you are losing someone, being approached for organ harvesting is very stressful. This is why I hope the Green Ribbon Campaign will create the necessary awareness among Malaysians to read more about it, to approach people about it. Hearing things like "Donating would be the way he/she wanted" from a person close instead of "We would like to discuss about the possibility of organ donation" from a stranger or a nurse would be much better, especially after a current loss.

You can register to be a donor at A Gift Of Life but the site is in Malay so make sure you find someone who is good in Malay to assist you in case you have any difficulties. Also, notify your next of kin, they will need to know about it. Giving is better than receiving, what more when you're giving the gift of life.

Anyone who is interested to be a part of this campaign can write or contact me through FB or Twitter (See above Contact Details). I will gladly guide you to my studio or if you're in KL, I will keep you updated on the timetables available for the shoot. The pictures taken can be used for personal publication but not for commercial purposes.

Below are some samples of the shoot, these are just some of the indication of the people who has supported the Green Ribbon Campaign. I would like to see you as a part of this campaign too. What do you think?

January 17, 2012



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