SingPei & Deric Chin | USJ 1 Avenue

The story behind an image.

I didn't know how to start her portraiture so I stood her next to the most beautiful light available. She was already beautiful, I just need to light her up. The soft window light illuminated her perfectly and I took this image into my viewfinder. When I clicked that button, I knew it was going to be beautiful. In my heart, I was thinking... this beauty is such a blessing and to be able to capture it with my camera is truly wonderful.

The story behind an image.

Zaim told me about the iPhone. We took the groom's phone and asked him to pose while we capture the image nonchalantly. They didn't need much posing directions by now. Then I prop the phone on top of her ring box and placed the ring right beside her phone. The wooden floor as a backdrop was such a great contrast. The first shot turned out great. Just to be sure, I clicked another couple of times. The image you see above is the first shot. :)

SDE for Deric & SingPei. It's a pity they weren't able to showcase this SDE on their wedding dinner due to technical glitches & an exploded projector. But still, it was well worth the effort because I have never felt more laughter & love in any other wedding. A simple morning & luncheon wedding ceremony in KL, Subang for the closest family members & friends.

Music thanks to David Choi. Wonderful singer. Go check him out on Youtube.

November 28, 2011



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