PWMF '2012. Countdown restarts.

1st April 2012

I came back to Penang Botanical Gardens with a heavy heart. First, because it was a Sunday and I know tomorrow will be the dreaded Monday. Second, because it will be the end of the Penang World Music Festival 2012. 

Let me first talk about the superb management by the team that handled this event. First, everything went well... I think they even planned the acts to suit the mood. Especially putting Tori Ensemble during Earth Hour. The mood was cliche but as cliche as it sounds, it worked. Then the transportation. I know people would've preferred to park their car inside the venue if they could but the way it was organized from the shuttles to the ample parking lot and the frequency of the shuttle, people didn't complain. And when it ended, the shuttles were already lining up and waiting. I walked out earlier one of those days because I couldn't stay for the after-party and although I was walking alone, one of the driver asked whether I needed a shuttle. They weren't just sitting around smoking, talking crap with each other. They were working. It's a small gesture but it makes all the difference when you're offered and not asking. 

Another point to note is the strict security. They didn't care who you are and what you do... if you don't have a certain tag or certain clearance, there are places you can't go to. Red tags means you can go to the front of the stage after the bars, stage access pass means you can access the stage. Simple right? But sometimes, implementing it might be harder. Kudos to the security team and the management team. I hope they would make it as good next year.

OK, back to the performances. Didit Dinai came on with their Sarawakian folksy tunes. After that Beoga from Ireland was out with their lively renditions. They kept the crowd going and even offered a free CD for the best dancer. Everybody was circling and kicking their legs in the air before long. Third act was The Grace Nono - Bob Aves Group hailing from Philippines. Their dances and instruments were really unique. Loyko of Russia performed next with their spectacular violin play. They were playful with their violin and some pieces were spectacular, others lively. The second last act was slotted for Gus Teja World Music of Bali and their songs truly reminded me of Bali. Especially Morning Happiness. Lastly, Mai Hontele of Colombia rocked the stage to smithereens. 

I wish it could've lasted longer. Enjoy the images and as usual, a short preview of the performances below.

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April 3, 2012



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