Megan Chung + Yee Farn = Annabelle

When we talk about love, we think about a boy and a girl. I guess we were always brought up that way. After some time, people mistake love for lust. I think lust is an after product of love and not vice versa. When the love we have for each other is so strong that we want to make sure two persons should never be allowed to mourn alone, we get married.

But deep inside, we forget other loves that exist in this world. The love of a parent, siblings and sometimes friends. We are all growing up and in that anticipation of everything that we're supposed to achieve, we forget the people who have loved us are growing old. You should stop and take a look at them too.

Megan and Yee Farn was pregnant when she messaged me about her maternity shoot. She was only 2 months pregnant then. She wanted a gradual one so we can document the growth. I can feel the anticipation as I watch this little rolly pony creature grow inside her. I've never been a father and maybe I won't be yet for some time but when we watch someone grow and witness the creation of a person, we are affected by it. I seldom shoot maternity but after the first two shoots, I was eagerly awaiting Annabelle in my studio for her first appearance.


Annabelle, our youngest chick IN THE STUDIO. She's such a natural poser and such a patient girl. When she smiles, her curves make all of us melt and I'm sure her dad and mom is so proud of this little rolly polly tubby young lad. 

With her messed up hair, her soft demeanor, her cheeky smiles and her parent's doting affection, I have a feeling she will grow up to be someone with a loving, kind and passionate heart.  

Still with a distinct taste for sucking anything and everything... this girl will break hearts when she's older. I bet at 4 months old, she already stole some.

July 4, 2012



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