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Sometimes people wonder why I took the time to shoot some of these images for free when I could be sitting at home enjoying a cup of tea and watching my favourite movies. People ask me why I beg and seek favours from people whom I hardly know just to shoot an image. Why make your life miserable doing something which you can't even sell?

I don't usually answer these people but today I've decided to write it down. I love doing what I do. I enjoy being creative, brainstorming, being different and making beautiful images. I beg people who I think will suit the theme of my photography, I don't have a lot of money but I make sure I try my best to compensate their time with my utmost hard work in capturing the most beautiful image I can of them. I know they're taking some time off also to accomodate me when they could be enjoying a cup of tea while watching their favourite movie. I demand and beg them with poses I myself find difficult sometimes. It doesn't always turn out beautiful but I will make sure I get one shot which they could be proud of. That is my promise to the people who I beg.

I imagine things. I conceptualise things. Then I try to bring these to life with the limited resources available at hand.

The photo below is actually combined with three images. Each lighting a different part. The combination is what makes it vibrant. I don't have the resources to purchase many lights and sometimes travel constraints will limit you to certain equipments.

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July 10, 2013



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