Chelsia Ng | Hin Bus Depot Penang

Guess who has her own WIKI and is out on iTunes. Seriously, go check out her music TODAY.

Penang-born Ng made her first step in the entertainment scene in the Malaysian English-language comedy Kopitiam as Rain, an assistant in Steven's (Lim) salon.
Besides Kopitiam, she was part of local Cantonese sitcom Homecoming as well as had a supporting cast of Tin Gei Bin.
Ng had a role in the film Salon in 2005, for which she earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the 19th Festival Filem Malaysia the following year.[1]
In 2006 Ng returned to television by playing Melody in Realiti.[2] In 2008, she starred in Ghost and Ampang Medikal. Later on in 2009, she played the role of Yvonne who is the best friend of Miasara(Liyana Jasmay) in Afdlin Shauki's "Papadom".

Those of you who know me knows I've been working with this girl for ages and taking pictures of her has always been kind of fun and exciting because we always just rock it. It's so refreshing to shoot someone who can be as crazy and spontaneous as you are. So far, all of our shots has been wildly spontaneous and unplanned. I do hope one day we can progress to something more elaborate and big. Our schedules are crazy though, her being multi-talented and working as an actress, being a singer and all kinds of stuffs. Me being a photographer and being lazy. 

However, this shoot is kind of special as it was only called on the day before while we were in this exhibition at Hin Bus Art Depot, Penang. The venue hosts a multitude of art exhibitions and events. A very unique and rustic kind of place in my opinion. Definitely something worth looking into if you're ever in Penang. 

November 13, 2014



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Chelsia Ng | Hin Bus Depot Penang

Guess who has her own WIKI and is out on iTunes. Seriously, go check out h…

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