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Woke up in the wee hours of the morning for this shoot and worked under tight pressure. Although it was tiring but we had a ton of learning exposure and worked with great people.

TP Lim is a great host and presenter. I've seen him in some events and the energy he brings to the stage is infectious. I'm so blessed to be working with great people with great personalities and a big heart. Now, he wanted a more stylish approach to his shots and I've made it so that we have this shot from the get go. There was another team shooting on location so we had very limited time at the venue and especially on this table arrangement.

For this shot, I've arranged it so that he brings out a stylish yet not losing his manliness look. The background was made with such texture that I've to shine some light to it and make sure the exposure is well compensated. But nothing beats the facial expression that TP brought to the table. 

Here is another shot I had of him. I wanted this side shot because it shows off his features and gives it a more 'godfather' look. And with the edge of the chair in the frame, we can see the details that goes into the chair's design and how it is befitting a look like this.

December 1, 2013



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