What I've Learned After Years in Wedding Photography

1. An event can only be captured. We can make it look good through a certain angle but we cannot capture from every angle and make everything look good if the place looks crowded, with stuffs, with people and with bad lighting.

2. If you focus on the event to be beautiful, we will make it look beautiful. If you don't focus on any of those aspects during your wedding then you won't plan for the flowers, you won't plan for how your wedding dress will fit and look, you won't plan for your event space and the arrangements, you won't plan for the makeup and preparation room to be well kept and you definitely won't plan for time to be photographed. Then most probably we can only do so much.

3. Plan for your attire and your theme. If you don't most probably one of your groomsmen will come wearing jeans and a bright t-shirt or shirt. It will definitely be hard planning a group picture with a side character who outshines the main character.

4. Be happy and don't let the small things affect your attitude. It will show in pictures no matter how hard you try to smile. And a few years down the road, you will have the exact same feeling when you look at the pictures.

5. We can have the best techniques but most studio photography takes planning, don't expect your photos to look technically perfect. Instead focus on the feelings the images bring out. As wedding photographers, we are tasked to photograph the event as it unfolds and most of the time, we focus on emotions. The emotions of the people around you. We don't focus on making them slimmer, we don't focus on their best side, we don't wait for them to turn a certain angle and we definitely want to capture that big laugh on that day.

6. However, rest assured there will be portrait times (if allowed on the day) for the bride and groom so we can capture their best sides and make them look as beautiful as they can be. If you don't allow us the time to create these images, then you will miss out on beautiful portraits of that one moment in your life you cannot replicate.

7. Assign someone to gather your family members after the church or temple ceremony. Often the family members will want to focus on the relatives and friends as soon as the event is finished and will move around the space. It takes a great deal of effort to gather these people back as soon as they move around and they will definitely be swarmed by relatives making it hard for both sides of the family to get some time together as soon as the event is over. Brief your family members to take the picture right after the event so you can save yourself the hassle of prying them away from relatives or friends and gathering everyone together again.

8. Clients should look at the photographer or videographer's work before hiring them. Make sure you trust their product and vision before hiring them. If you hire someone because of their price point and expect them to produce work that mimic someone else, you will definitely regret it.

Finally, one thing I've learned after years in wedding photography is we keep on learning. It's a steep learning curve and I am also constantly evolving techniques and purchasing new equipments to make better images.

(#wearepoto) Image from Navin & Irene's Wedding 
@ Assumption Church PJ & The Verte, Avillion, Port Dickson.

August 17, 2016



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