Eizat Zakaria & Noor Ida Ahmad

The story behind an image.

We were prepared to call it a wrap. The groom just came out from the bathroom with his robes, ready to flop on his bed. The bride is coming up for a last 'room' shot. I passed by the bathroom and saw the single window light shining down from outside. It created a perfect silhouette for anything I wanted to make. The glass doors were patterned like droplets of water. I called the bride and groom for one more shot. I told them it'd be worth it. The truth is, I was just winging it. They weren't tall enough for the window light. We took a short ledge and propped both of them in that small rectangular wooden ledge. They were perched. I knew I had to make it fast, things were not steady. I took a couple of shots, the kissing shots didn't turn out as good as I expected so I asked them to stare into each other longingly and just breathe the same air. It was a perfect silhouette of two persons in love for a thousand years.

The story behind an image.

With a bassist as the groom. I knew I wanted a band shot. I told them about it during the bride's Sanding ceremony in Alor Setar. The problem was, I had no idea how to make it. The place was small but there was a spot suitable for a grungy look. I propped a mike and tilted it for the bride. We had a few poses. One with her leg winging the mic stand. It looked cool but inappropriate. I wanted something more elegant for her. She deserved that. For the guy, I've always known he'll make a good jump bassist. That plus his acoustic bass made it better. An electric bass would've contrasted the atmosphere too much. We propped everything and he jumped. The next thing you know, here it is... LEGENDARY.

January 4, 2012



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