Project 52 in retrospect.

Project 52 started more than a year ago. It was a branch from my previous Project 365. I’m ashamed to admit that Project365 failed halfway but I’m glad it taught me a lot of things. Project52 was a mild success because the timeline was screwed up in the middle of the year and I had some irregular stints once in a while. However, I am glad it was completed. Here are some of the highlights and the things going through my head when I shot them.

Bali trip. It was there I saw how devout the people in Bali are towards their religion and prayers. This lady was kneeling down beside a market under the hot sun giving thanks to their lord. In a place where I am so mesmerized by their architecture and culture, a lady kneeling down giving thanks is the most beautiful image I could capture.

Cecilia Yong or fondly known as CC to those who watched her progress in SYTYCD. Up and coming personality in the latin dance arena, she is a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to working with her in the near future for this amazing project we're talking about. She did this pose against a door ledge to show off her flexibility. I didn't do anything to pose her. I just made her beautiful. Don't you just love the reflection of light from her hair?

YinOoi. Another friend of mine since I was 13. A bubbly goofy diva personality but a kind hearted person at best. I've been meeting her less and less after she moved down to KL and I have to say, I miss her at the oddest times like when I passed St George's Cathedral in Penang. No, she's not Christian but we did this History project together on St George when we were 15? She's beautiful but such a drag to capture because she complains she's fat in almost every other pic. She'll go 'EEWWW' and then I would be like... 'WTF? You must be looking through a 10x uglifying glass'. Hope to see her this CNY though!

I was at a modelling agency to shoot their models and I stumbled across this young thing called Nabila. She had a bubbly personality and was not shy in front of cameras. I guess she did it quite often. I love working with her because she tries her best in every pose and in return, I will definitely make her beautiful. Above are some of the poses I had her do with a white backdrop. Sometimes I'm amazed at her beauty when I look at this image.

After a soft shoot for a pre-wedding, we goofed around at the railway station. I had each and every one of them on a singular wall and stitched them together in post-process. The result is the goofy image you see above.

A promo shoot for Cabaret. This foursome trio is a part of their main ensemble with Nish Tham leading the group. They wanted an iL-Divo kinda look and it must be in black and white. I took this photograph against a black backdrop and with their costume in black, I lighted only their face with minor gradations in shadows. Notice how the lead has the brightest light?

Another one from the Bali trip. This lady was sitting there with beautiful light from the right. She was roasting her coffee and as I stood there listening to one of the guides telling us about coffee, I was more interested in the light and texture of the wall.

Samantha Ang Huynh. A wonderful friend since I was 13. She's the epitome of a girl a guy could ever ask for and here she is, flipping her hair for that winging hair shot I've always wanted. I could have mistaken her for the rock girl down at the concert. Anyway, we took this shot a couple of times. I had her against the wall flipping her hair up and down before I managed to capture this shot.

Chelsia Ng for a project I sponsored. It was a simple Green Ribbon campaign for Organ Donation. We shot this during her filming of Papadom II and I had the opportunity to interact with Afdlin Shauki. Such a pity we had so limited time or it would be a much more awesome shoot. I absolutely love the expression in her eyes for this shot, it was as if her eyes are talking about the need for organ donation awareness.
My god daughter. Yasmeen. I travelled to Kelantan just to see this little bugger. She's such a cutie and now, growing like a Michelin tyre, she's even more adorable. I did this compilation for her mother because I think a mother should always have a memory of the reason they fell in love with their children.

Davina Goh. You may have caught her in Khairil M Bahar's Relationship Status in cinemas currently. She was shot here during her stage performance for Cabaret by PAN Productions. She was sitting on a chair. Her back towards me. That beautiful stage light from above silhouetted her and I asked her to turn her cheeks towards me. I'm in love with this shot not because of the light but because of the imagination it invokes.

Chelsia Ng, soon to be a household name. Now her 'taitai'ness is being aired on Hua Hee Dai, Astro. Anyway, we wanted a beach shoot. She was wearing white and it suited her more demure look. One thing I noticed about Chelsia is th
at her personality always shine through the shoots I've done with her. She is a Penang girl through and through. She likes the beach, she isn't a diva. Once you get to know her, she's the kindest, most cheerful girl I've ever known. However, her voice is a little too upbeat all the time. It's like she's irresponsibly HAPPY all the freaking time. Contagious I tell you. She is the reason I'm into photography and commercial photography. She believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. A toast to this superstar.
January 12, 2012



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