Athena in the studio.

Athena flies down from Hong Kong to be IN THE STUDIO. If she seems familiar, that's only because I've shot this beautiful face a year back with Samantha Ang from SA's Paintbox. This time she's back in Jimmy Ang Studio & Art for a short session. Its great to meet this up and lively girl. Don't be fooled by her looks, she laughs hysterically and has the cutest 'angmoh' slang evar! 

We met a couple of year back during Edzil's wedding after party. That's where I knew her brother Anthony and her. We didn't talk much in the club but she left quite an impression on me. I'm so proud of her, from the counters of Traders to the short stint in Hard Rock and now flying places with Cathay, this little young clubbing girl will be going places. You should see her moves and shuffles! WOOT!

Anyway, I'm glad I get to catch her in front of the camera again this time. She's such a sexy vixen. As usual, I'm omitting the NSFW shots. :)

Have a great day, take care.

May 24, 2012



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