Sharon in the studio.

I've known Sharon ever since I was 17 I think. We have a complicated friendship, mainly because her relationships with people I know are complicated. She's a cool girl. She jokes, laughs, eats, breathes. The plus side is, she's beautiful. All shots during this series were taken with three lights. 

Anyway, we were supposed to shoot with Cynthia but she's down in KL for now. I'll have to wait till she's back in Penang before I can get her in the studio. Today, I got Sharon in the studio for a shoot before she leaves to Singapore tomorrow. God knows how much I'll miss her and her stupid laughs and retarded jokes. You've seen some of her work in the butterfly series for Nabila. She's the hairstylist cum creative director.

The t-shirt from the image above is mine from eons ago. I cut off a side of the sleeve horizontally and tied up the bottom half because it was too big. Got to say, I am quite the fashion designer. :)

Sad to say, I will not be releasing some of the NSFW shots. Those were epic!

May 9, 2012



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