Jin Yin in the studio.

We met in Gurney while I was doing a photowalk for StyleKandi. It was just a normal daily job when I spotted her with her stripes and SWAG. I felt nervous at first approaching strangers but I bit my teeth and asked her anyway, she was more than obliging with my request to have her picture taken. We've been friends ever since.

This is Jin Yin. Her features are so beautiful I had difficulty trying to capture that into my lens. I guess this is what I call having a hard time with a beautiful face.

Anyway, she is a part of NSFW but let us see some of her sneaks IN THE STUDIO. She's such a great girl to be working with it feels almost as if she was born in front of the camera.

Anyway, she was standing and looking into the light. The catchlights on her eye looks perfect and her face is just perfect for that sultry look. As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to freeze time and immortalize this view.

What do you think?

Jin Yin or fondly known as Jin walks into the studio after a difficult time finding the place. It was my bad, I gave her the wrong address.

She is not used to laughing so to start off the shoot, I decided to put on some hip-hop music and snap while joking. We had a blast. She's a natural to work with and such a beautiful girl. Her English is also impeccable thanks to the British Standards. When I called her for the shoot, I expected her to arrive from the island but through and through, this gal is a mainland girl. I'm so proud of mainland now because at least I know mainland doesn't suck that much.

We had a great time posing, shooting, dancing and being plain crazy. Well, at least I did. :) 
For now, enjoy the pictures and as usual, we're omitting the NSFW shots. 

NSFW will be released by the 4th quarter of 2012 in Penang and KL. We will announce the gallery screening as usual on our FB, Weblog, Twitter, Instagram and even Google+. 

May 29, 2012



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