Sarah in the studio.

 I met Sarah in a wedding. She was the bridesmaid. Sneezing and all with the makeup. She claims she's allergic to the makeup. At that moment on, I knew I wanted to capture her in front of my lens. After 2 years, I finally got her in the studio for a short session. She wasn't even dressed for the part.

It took me a lot of persuasion power to get her to agree. She didn't like posing and she had always been more of a crazy all out flamboyant kind. She said most of her pics are always either laughing off or smiling wide.

It took us not more than 15 minutes to wrap this shoot. I talked with her, joked and continued snapping. I knew she had to be comfortable in front of the camera before I could do anything. She was tensed up at first, I know because she posed standing like a soldier!

In the end, the shot above wasn't even directed. She just stood and I told her not to smile. I'm biased but what do you think about her?

The glasses were my idea. I take full credit for it. ;)

Take a look below at some of the images we goofed off with.

May 2, 2012



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