Esther in the studio.

I've met Esther eons ago while I was working in a laboratory, come to think of it, that was more than 5 years ago. We met again just now for an IN THE STUDIO shoot.

This shot came out of an inspiration from a Mila Kunis shoot. But as soon as I load it onto the Mac, I find it really 'Zhang ZiYi, Memoirs of a Geisha' like. The minute I completed this shot, I was looking at the screen and thinking 'This is a keeper'.

I'm not one who works with a lot of technical gears like light meters, who fusses over the resolution, who peddles the aperture and shutter speed dilligently... instead, I usually make a creative decision based on what I see behind the camera. That is one of the beauty of camera going digital.

We just stood there in silent and when she looked back, I knew this was the picture I want.

We took the inspiration from another image but I turned her face slightly towards the left of the camera so we can catch a glimpse of her. Just enough I say as I signalled her to stop. I knew the curves of her face would complement the curves of her body as she pulled her hands down at the back of her body.

She looked absolutely stunning in this image and as I took this picture I didn't know it would turn out this great. I just knew her hair was perfect.

We'll not be releasing the NSFW shots but rest assured, the IN THE STUDIO shoots are all here. 

Take care people.

June 24, 2012



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