Pak Alam. Vintage, antique and mystic.

Pak Alam is the most interesting man I've ever come across. He repairs and mods vintage bicycles from the old Japanese to British occupation. He's also a stone and antique expert. His house is a treasure of old memories. I've seen some things I could only remember from when I was a baby or a toddler. I think my parent's could've related to them better.

I first met Pak Alam a couple of months ago. I was scouting locations for the Butterflies & Waterfall shoot and it was then I met Pak Alam through Edzil. He told me interesting stories about the bicycles he re-built and the stones he cut so they could be fitted as rings or other ornaments.

He told me about his Hercules, his Raleigh, his wooden seats that he made from the woods in the forest. He told me about the bicycle lamp which he has to lit up manually by putting in oil. His passion in his work astounds me and with every conversation, I learned a lot from bicycles, stones to even medicinal plants. Only a person who has gone through life could say everything with such conviction.

I am taken aback by how simple his view of life is yet how complicated his knowledge is.

If you're a vintage collector, a stone enthusiast or even looking for knowledge in botany, you can find Pak Alam on 6019-5053814. He stays very near Penang Butterfly Farm. I'm sure he could direct you to his place once you reach the butterfly farm.

Anyway, let me dissect this photo shoot. Everything was shot with with a single studio strobe. I had to mount the camera on a stand and manually set everything on the camera before lighting areas in the image. Then I combined them in photoshop and blended it so that the lighting would only focus on the places i want lighted.

The post process consisted of some blending, masking, curves, color contrast, and saturation.

Special thanks to Pak Alam, Shafiee (Pak Alam's son) and Edzil Pacaldo.

Again, you can contact Pak Alam at 6019-5053814 to enquire about his vintage bicycle collections. He might also be able to restore yours if you have one lying around at home.
June 17, 2012



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