Janet Lee. Restless Heart. Solo Concert.

A couple of months ago, Janet Lee whom I've had the privilege of photographing approached me again with her idea of a solo concert. She showed me her idea which is 'bohemian with some classy extravagance'. I don't know what got me into it but the idea very much intrigued me. The whole concept kept me awake.

It wasn't until a few weeks later after everything that they told me they were going with 'movements' as their theme. That was totally off everything I've planned but still the idea was really fresh and I loved it. Janet and Nell have met with the designer, Kongsi Design, (Zhi Ling and Zhi Ying) to discuss about this and although I wasn't there for the discussion everything was relayed to me from the discussion to the CD planning.

I cannot say how proud I am of working with Janet and Kongsi Design because I think what they presented at the end of the day from the packaging, materials to the whole SHOW at DPAC was breathtaking.

Below are all pictures of the end product courtesy of Kongsi Design because I want to show not only my photographs but their artwork and final product. Also, there was a video display of the photographs during one of her songs which was blurred to resemble movements. I think that was pretty cool too.

Want to get one of Janet's CD? Contact her on her FB page.

Final image is the poster/banner for the concert. :)

Here's Janet with 'HER SONG, RESTLESS HEART'.

March 19, 2015



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