Riding a helicopter up Fox Glacier/Franz Josef could be another highlight of the trip. I think it wouldn't be complete without the ride. We were quite lucky as the weather was turning gloomy as soon as we got in the ride. What was supposed to be a 30 minute ride ended in 20. However, the experience of getting in the cockpit and enjoying the glaciers from a helicopter was something we couldn't forget.

Franz Josef and Fox Glacier was very cold and the place is only catered for either the hikes or the helirides. There's nothing much to do in the place. As cold as the glacier was, we were told global warming has taken a toll, the ice line has receded tremendously in the past 10 years compared to the 60 years before.

I'm not sure about how to save the world but I believe we all can do a little bit in our life to reduce our carbon footprint. Don't be selfish, be a hero.

Lake Matheson is a hiking trail which we took just so I could take a reflection picture of the glaciers. However, the view that day was cloudy. We waited a good 5 minutes before some semblance of a mountain was available. Then after the skies parted, it took only a minute before the fog envelopes it back.

Last but not least, Lake Wanaka was truly beautiful in autumn, the golden trees and the tree in the lake was really beautiful. There's also a cinema in the middle of the town called Cinema Paradiso. A very quirky but cool cinema. I managed to catch a New Zealand film inside called Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Very heartwarming and easily a loveable movie.

Our itinerary for Part 2 is from Fox Glacier to Lake Wanaka through Lake Matheson. Then we made a visit to Wanaka Lavender Farm and Toi Toi Winery before continuing our journey to Queenstown.

May 5, 2016



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