Manapouri is a very small town. It is the town where Real Journeys start their Doubtful Sound voyage. Most of the pictures from Manapouri here are not actually in the city but more like the road from Queenstown to Manapouri. These places are not tourist attractions, just a stop by the road (where permitted). It's amazing how beautiful New Zealand can be just everywhere we look. There's no shortage of places to photograph. If you love the beautiful outdoors, you love the sceneries, you love hiking, backpacking, being close to nature, in short if you're a campervan person, come to New Zealand.

Queenstown is also beautiful, vibrant and full of adventurous people. The city that almost didn't sleep (compared to the rest of the places in NZ I mean). We could've stayed longer in Queenstown but we cut it short for Doubtful Sound the day before and Lake Tekapo after.

The gondola ride in Queenstown is a must but the Luge ride is a great fun activity. I definitely recommend getting the minimum two pass ride instead of just one. I have a video of the ride but I don't think it suits this photoblog so I'm keeping it for another day.

The itinerary for this part is from Doubtful Sound, Lake Manapouri back to Queenstown and then on to Lake Tekapo through Lindis Pass. We also stopped by Lake Pukaki for Mt Cook Alpine Salmon but that's for the next part.

May 7, 2016



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