The final days in Lake Tekapo was spent in a secluded farmhouse in Limestone Valley, Cave. Lake Tekapo being one of the world's international dark sky reserve, I was looking forward to photographing the milky way. What astounded me was how prominent the milky way was with our naked eye.

I couldn't have ended the trip at a better place. The farmhouse is home to three small alpacas who are adorable and we get to walk them every morning. They're not tame like dogs or docile like cats and their size makes them harder to manage but they are just so adorable.

Our final itinerary is two days in Lake Tekapo before going back to Christchurch and flying back to Auckland then Malaysia. One of the longest vacation in my life, I am glad we got to see New Zealand. The world is much more beautiful than I could ever imagine and being in the city for so long made me forget how big the world actually is.

Now I'm itching for the next adventure. :)

May 7, 2016



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